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"This is more helpful than I realized. It helps me anchor back on, and then I'm inspired for the rest of the month. And as I'm starting to fall into my old patterns, I have another and it lets me set and reset myself."

"I always walk away with at least one major thing where like, damn, I learned something new today."

"It's a remarkable journey. What I liked about this specifically is - I'm not alone. I used to think it was my problem. I'm the only one who's having it. It's good to know that okay, I'm not alone in this, that we all need to improve."

"It's like if I went to a trainer and I told them all the exercises I want to practice, but those are the ones that *I* know because I'm not a personal trainer. But like you know everything, right? So you're able to pick up things that I would have never even realize that I needed to work on."

I was hearing from folks that had completed Vocal Confidence training that it was sometimes difficult to maintain results. They missed the feedback. They missed the regular practice. They were looking for an opportunity to reinforce the skills they'd acquired, and maybe even learn some new skills in the process!

After all, communication isn't meant to be practiced alone.



  • in each session we work on a specific aspect of workplace communication - body language, turn-taking, feedback, keeping your cool during challenging conversations, pitching, negotiation, executive presence, etc...

  • I bring in the workout plan, with a mix of partner, group, and 1:1 exercises - improv, scriptwork and roleplaying

  • you will bring in anything that YOU want to work on, from upcoming presentations to interview practice

  • drop-in drop-out, with no expectation that you will be there the whole time (think of it as "office hours")

  • workouts are recorded and shared with all program participants

  • PLEASE NOTE: this program is only open to folks who have completed group or 1:1 training with me. This is not a program for Vocal Confidence beginners, you are expected to have a working knowledge of the Four Pillars coming in. 


Next session runs September 2023 - June 2024 and will meet
the first Wednesday of every month 12-2pm EST 

September 6 - June 5
The fee is $250 inclusive for all ten 2-hour sessions.
Pro-rated fees available if you're joining after the first session.

Register Now!

  • Vocal Confidence Monthly Workout ($250)
    Vocal Confidence Monthly Workout ($250)
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Oct 04
    Zoom Event
    Oct 04, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
    Zoom Event
    Oct 04, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
    Zoom Event
  • Learn To Love Your Voice Workshop January-March 2023 ($799)
    Learn To Love Your Voice Workshop January-March 2023 ($799)
    Tue, Jan 09
    Zoom Event
    Jan 09, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST
    Zoom Event
    Jan 09, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST
    Zoom Event
    Eight-week intensive Vocal Confidence group workshop including weekly 90-minute group coaching, one private 1:1 60-minute coaching session, coursework and materials.
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