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"I hate the sound of my own voice"
"Colleagues have told me I don't sound 'professional'"
"I feel like there's a mismatch between my intention and how I come across"
"My voice sounds too young and I don't get taken seriously"
"I just don't know how to connect in a virtual meeting"

Maybe it's something that's been nagging at you for awhile; maybe it's a new realization that you have to step up your communication game. No matter what your relationship with your voice has been up until this point, there's no denying that it's more important than ever right now to have full control over your vocal instrument - to know that every time you open your mouth you're going to have confidence that you sound great, that you're getting your intention across, and that you're showing up with your full authentic connected voice.

You can get there,
but you have to do the work
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What You Get:

  • an initial half-hour assessment to determine your specific vocal strengths and challenges

  • access to weekly online course materials with videos, audio recordings, guided exercises, tips and techniques to grow and practice every week 

  • eight weekly 90-minute group training calls where new materials are presented and live coaching exercises give every participant a chance to grow and practice new skills in a safe container 

  • one-on-one private coaching where we build on the classwork and tailor it to your goals

  • access to a private Facebook group where questions can be asked, answered and explored - this is where we keep the work going between classes

  • post-course access to all materials and video recordings

Registration is capped at twelve participants to ensure plenty of time for individualized feedback
Next cohort launches March 2023 and will meet Tuesdays 7-8:30pm EST 
March 7 - April 25
Perfect, because I want to know more about you too!
Schedule a 30-minute call with me here so we can chat about your
Vocal Confidence goals
Check out these testimonials from workshop participants
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